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Feminism at work can happen wherever you are: in your job role, as a leader, in performing particular tasks, or as part of a larger organizational initiative.

Enter the conversation wherever feels most useful to you.

Schedule a Workshop, Training, or Webinar

Feminist By Design: Using Design Thinking to Connect Values and Work
Rethinking Revenue, Partnerships, & Product Strategy
Strategic Planning Using the Whole Health of the Organization
Healing Sick Work Cultures, Building Better Teams
Feminist Leadership Skills for Men, Allies, & Agents of Change

We also create targeted learning events and interactive sessions that include a discussion of feminist business case studies and real world examples of socially equitable, feminist business design in practice in organizations and action-planning to help you identify steps you can take to make your workplace more just and effective.

Feminist Business Modeling

Surface, articulate, and clarify values that are most important to your organization. Build these values into your products/services and operating model. Connect your business model to your larger social purpose.

Learn more about the Feminist Business Model Canvas (FBMC) and complete Feminist Business Toolkit here.


Ask for an Issue Briefing
& Reframe an Organizational Challenge

Often, the easiest way to get a group up to speed on the potential of feminist business practice is to create a topic-specific learning session, like an executive briefing.

We create learning-oriented, presentation-style briefings for your team that includes a clear statement of the business, organizational, or leadership problem, a synthesis of relevant research findings, a few new conceptual models to organize information and make it useful, and a set of questions that help you figure out how to move forward in ways that make sense of your organization.

Schedule Us to Speak to Your Group

CV and Lex both speak to groups large and small about feminist leadership in organizations and feminist business practice, among other topics. Learn more about their backgrounds here.

Watch CV Harquail’s TEDxHoboken “The Boost Revolution: Expanding Possibilities for Business” here. Watch Lex Schroeder’s panel on “Using Your Power for Good” at NYU Stern’s 25th Annual Women in Business conference here. Contact CV at and Lex at to discuss your event.