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We believe that everyone who works has an opportunity to make a positive difference through feminist practice. “Everyone” means leaders, managers, activists, entrepreneurs, software developers, customer service reps, accountants, parents, literally everyone. There are ways for each of us to build feminism into our work, right away.

We look at the world of leadership in organizations and see tremendous opportunity for each of us to make small changes with big results. We see many multiple practical paths towards a more just and equitable future. We take cutting-edge feminist theory and apply it to business, organizational change, and systems change.

We understand ourselves as part of a larger community of feminist business practitioners all over the world transforming organizations and economies. We work from a place of expertise and inquiry. We learn along with you, together, to help change the world of work.

Who We Are

Lex Schroeder


I’m an editor and organizer who is passionate about gender justice and the future of work. I spend much of my time bringing a gender justice into systems thinking and systems thinking into gender justice work. Whichever frame I’m using, I help teams work with difference and design more resilient, just work processes. The central theme of my work is work itself: what work is valued, what value means, how to work more effectively, who gets paid, and how to work together better in our teams and communities while working for social justice.

I learned a tremendous amount working as an editor at two very different organizations (each dedicated to helping people think differently about work), The Lean Enterprise Institute (LEI) and The Berkana Institute. Feminists At Work is a natural evolution for me as I’ve been fascinated with all things work since reading and loving Studs Terkel’s Working in high school. (So far I’ve worked as a waitress, temp, administrative assistant, editor, entrepreneur, special projects lead, and nonprofit director). Some of my teachers along the way have been Deborah Frieze, co-author of Walk Out Walk On; the writer/editor Tom Ehrenfeld and the industrial anthropologist John Shook at LEI; Nancy Fritsche Eagan, Tuesday Ryan-Hart, Kelly McGowan, and Chris Corrigan in the Art of Hosting community of practice; and Gloria Feldt, women’s rights activist and Co-Founder of Take The Lead. I’m privileged to have had attended Smith College where I earned a B.A. in Government. Read more about my work at lexschroeder.com.

 CV Harquail

cv cville color headshot

I’m a scholar, writer, and activist working at the intersection of digital media/business, organizational change, and social change. I’ve defined myself as a feminist since I was in 7th grade (seriously!). Engaging in feminist advocacy in all its forms has been a critical element in my research, teaching, parenting, and envisioning.

As a scholar, I’ve studied organizational change and progressive movements inside organizations, loosely organized around labels like diversity and inclusion, organizational democracy, social entrepreneurship, organizational citizenship, culture, and especially authenticity. I’m interested in helping organizations become more generative and more just actors in our communities and our economy.

I write about feminism in business and the workplace on my blog, AuthenticOrganizations.com. I participate in the NYC-area community of women and tech entrepreneurs as well as in the NYC community of feminists/activists. I’m especially excited to be able to bring these two groups together with Feminists At Work. Read more of my work at cvharquail.com.


Want to collaborate? Email us and tell us more. Email Lex at lex@feministsatwork.com.

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