Welcome! We are a think (and learn and do) tank dedicated to feminism at work.

We focus on creating more feminist organizations, businesses, and systems. And we offer intersectional feminist ideas, strategies, and tools to transform the workplace.

More details below, but first we invite you to…

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We are shifting the conversation from incremental ideas like “leaning in” and “adding more women” to a conversation about creating more feminist systems and practices.

We believe that everyone who works has an opportunity to make a positive difference through feminist practice. “Everyone” means leaders, managers, activists, entrepreneurs, software developers, customer service reps, accountants, parents, literally everyone. There are ways for each of us to build feminism into our work, right away.

We look at the world of leadership in organizations and see tremendous opportunity for each of us to make small changes with big effects. We see many multiple practical paths towards a more just and equitable future. We take cutting-edge feminist theory and apply it to business, organizational change, and systems change.

We understand ourselves as part of a larger community of feminist business practitioners all over the world transforming organizations and economies. We work from a place of expertise and inquiry. We learn along with you, together, to help change the world of work.

Please join us. Work with us. Collaborate with us. Connect with other feminists at work in our community on Mighty Networks. 

Shoot us a note and share and idea.


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